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”How to impress a girl ”(possible)

To impress  any girl First you will have to look beautiful and attractive. Winning the hearts of girls is not easy. If this work is not done wisely then you may have to give it.

To win the hearts of girls, first you need to understand the environment and test. Not only that, instead of expressing love to the girl, first of all, girl should make friendship. Most of the time it has been seen that girls enjoy the conversation. Therefore, they should first speak to them. Before winning the hearts of girls, it is important to know the body language whether the girl is interested in you or not. How to get girls to win hearts

To win the heart of the girls, it is necessary that you do some work which can not be done without you being impressed. To impress the girl or to win her heart, you should smile at her and start a conversation. This girl will impress you.

Whenever you talk, always talk positively, so that girls move on your side. It is necessary to win the hearts of girls that do not always do serious things, but do some laughing jokes so that girls like you.

So let’s know some tips for improving girls

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”Tip # 1 – Go Girl’s Mood”

Before you talk to girls, try the atmosphere and especially if the girl’s mood is depressed, then try to laugh at her sadness.

Tip # 2 -” Do not be shy when talking to girls”

Girls do not like the skeptical boys. In such a situation, if you hesitate to talk to girls and are scared, then the girls will also talk to you. So do not hesitate to talk to girls at all.

”Tip # 3 – Go to Body Language to Impress Girl”

Boys are required to impose a girl on her body language to see how she is taking her in the form of girls. How are the girls talking with you? Are they happy with you? Take care of all these things.

”Tip # 4 – Do Not Haste”

In any case hurry is not good and when the matter is in the heart, then it should be done by blowing and blowing. Whenever you talk to a girl, do not show too much excitement and work with restraint.

Tip # 5 – ”Listening to Girls”

Girls usually have a habit of talking too much, so in such a situation, they often want someone to hear their words. Whenever you talk to a girl, it is necessary to impress that you speak less and give the girl a chance to speak more. From this, the girl will feel that you are honoring her.

Tip # 6 -” Have Patience”

It is not necessary that you do not like anything about the girl even if you speak in support of her. Rather you should work patiently and do not forget to praise the girl as well. Whether it is his dressing sensation or his grin or his behavior. Girls like to hear your praises the most.

Tip # 7 -” Talk to the eyes”

You try to say less and your eyes are more. That is, if you make a statement from your heart to the girl, then the girl will feel good.

Tip # 8 – ”Talk Intelligently”

You should have the art of conversation and you do not need to worry if this art is not there in you. Rather than being patient, learn it gradually. Do such things as you can not be good and sweet to anyone. Then see how the girl is impressed with you. If you are afraid to talk to a girl.

Tip # 9 –” Be Positive”

With your own positive thinking, the Sense of Humor should also be good, which girls love. Your art to make a serious atmosphere of light can make your place in the heart of the girl.

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